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Rewarding Failure: Halliburton/KBR awarded bonuses for faulty work in Iraq
20 May, 2009

WASHINGTON, May 20 (HalliburtonWatch.org) -- The Senate Democratic Policy Committee held a hearing today on bonuses paid to Halliburton/KBR for faulty work in Iraq that killed U.S. troops. Witness statements and documents from the hearing may be found at the following links:

Opening Statement

Senator Byron L. Dorgan
Chairman, Senate Democratic Policy Committee

Witness Statements

Jim Childs
Master Electrician, former Subject Matter Expert for Task Force SAFE

Eric Peters
Former KBR Master Electrician

Charles Smith
Former Chief of HQ, Army Field Support Command Field Support Contracting Division

Additional Materials

2007 DCMA Memo on Electrical Hazards Created by KBR

2008 DCMA Letter to KBR on Corrective Action Report

KBR Level III Corrective Action Request

KBR Level III Corrective Action Request (without attachments)

Additional Areas Cited for Poor Performance Under Task Order 139

Electrical Hazards Assessment -- Iraq

KBR Electrical Fire Report

KBR Fire Inspection Report

KBR DCMA Citations for Poor Performance in a Variety of Jobs and Multiple Areas (Excel spreadsheet)