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Halliburton's �Take the Money and Run� Farewell Party
14 May 2007

WASHINGTON, May 14 (HalliburtonWatch.org) -- On May 16 Halliburton shareholders gather for the company�s annual meeting in the affluent suburban Woodlands community of Houston. They will be greeted by the corporation's CEO David Lesar and Vice President Dick Cheney as they beat on a giant money bag pi�ata stuffed with Hallibacon bucks. Protesters from Texas and around the country will celebrate in all their business finery with champagne outside the meeting to draw attention to Halliburton�s shameful war profiteering and recent plans to run away from Congressional oversight by relocating to the United Arab Emirates.

Demonstrators from the Houston Global Awareness Collective (HGAC) will use street theater complete with large bags of money and nonviolent direct action to send off the controversial corporation currently fleeing investigations for bribery, bid rigging, illegally profiting from Iran, and defrauding the military. This action at the shareholder�s meeting is part of an ongoing campaign to pressure Halliburton to �face the music� for the millions of dollars the company has bilked from US taxpayers.

�We�re here to make sure Halliburton and their corporate cronies don�t get to snake off quietly to the United Arab Emirates. Halliburton, with the help of its friends in the Bush administration like Vice President Dick Cheney, has made a killing off the death, destruction and corruption in Iraq. It�s like they are fleeing a crime scene. They must be held accountable!� says Katie Heim, a member of HGAC. �We had them on the run in Oklahoma last year, and we will keep chasing them down.�

A pre-party and press conference are said to be broadcast on �You Tube�, to kick off the event. Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton CEO David Lesar, never ones to miss an opportunity to �roll in the dough� are among the rumored guests promised to be in attendance to kick off the festivities. Other guests from Dallas, Crawford, and California have also RSVPed for the soiree and will be rolling into Houston in the days leading up to the final farewell bash.

The Houston Global Awareness Collective is a non-violent community-based anti-war and global justice group founded in July 2001, and calls for a non-violent and peaceful protest. HGAC has organized hundreds of protests and educational events around the Houston area on war profiteering, the war in Iraq and corporate globalization. For more information of Halliburton and their corporate practices visit http://www.halliburtowatch.org.


Halliburton's moving to Dubai and David Lesar and Dick Cheney, the current and former CEOs of Halliburton, cordially invite you to the Halliburton Shareholders meeting and going away party.

Please save the date:

8:00am Wednesday, May 16th
At the beautiful The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center,
2301 North Millbend Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77380.
(Meet at the resort entrance, corner of Grogans Mill Rd and N. Millbend.
There is a location for vehicles to park 1/2 a block away.)

Please check www.houstonglobalawareness.org for party updates.

What to bring - a dress shirt, tie and jacket (now on sale at your local thrift shop) we will provide the Cheney and Lesar masks. We will also need noisemakers, confetti and balloons.

Please email Carol at [email protected] to join the party planning committee. We have a 20 foot money bag and other props that need making.

More Information:

CorpWatch: Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton, May 2007 (pdf)