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Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers
10 Oct., 2006

WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 (HalliburtonWatch.org) -- Every subscriber to HalliburtonWatch needs to see the new Robert Greenwald film titled: Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. Your friends at HalliburtonWatch had the honor of helping Mr. Greenwald and his staff produce the film. (Find out how you can hold your own private house screening for the film at this link.)

Although the film is extremely critical of Halliburton, as well as other war profiteers in Iraq, it tells the story through the eyes of �regular people who likely voted Republican,� reported the Los Angeles Times. Most of the story is told, not by �lefty� activists, but by former Halliburton employees and soldiers who became disillusioned by the company's behavior and felt compelled to speak out against it.

Whether a person is for, or against, the war in Iraq, everyone can agree that war profiteering and ripping off taxpayers is wrong. That's why this film is extremely important and will go down in history as the defining film on war profiteering during this failed Bush era that we sadly find ourselves today.

Critics will find it very difficult to dispute the facts in the film or challenge the patriotism or sincerity of the soldiers and former truck drivers who are interviewed. It's a testament to Greenwald's uncanny ability to make a lot of people angry, especially corporatists and champions of the status quo, by simply shining the light on the facts that mainstream media often ignore or underplay for fear their advertisers � and political allies on Capitol Hill -- might become upset.

Thankfully, the film will enrage the audience, but the most emotionally-moving scene is a truck driver describing an ambush that didn't have to happen because Halliburton knowingly sent his convoy down a road that was off-limits to civilians because of ongoing enemy fire. He listened to his fellow truckers on the radio being murdered; four were needlessly killed. The trucker said, �When people talk about 'oh, they gave their lives' ... I can assure you they did not. They were stolen from them. They were screaming and didn't want to go. And there wasn't anything greater (or) glorious about the whole obscene ordeal. They didn't die, they didn't pass away, they were murdered." That's because, for Halliburton, "as long as the trucks rolled, they got paid" and safety be damned, a former convoy commander told a Senate committee last month when describing the massacre. "[T]here is absolutely no question in my mind [before the massacre] KBR/Halliburton was aware of the hostilities that existed," he said.

"It's about contracts ... fulfilling the contract and replacing us if we died," said another former Halliburton trucker who was injured in the massacre.

Iraq for Sale also covers war profiteering by Titan and CACI, who were implicated in the torture at Abu Ghraib prison, and Blackwater USA, who sent its employees to Iraq undermanned and without appropriate armor or weaponry or even a map.

Iraq for Sale is the ultimate grassroots film because it was funded, in large part, by 3,000 small donations made on the internet. "Finally, the left has figured out their answer to talk radio -- and it's documentaries," Prof. Richard Lichter of George Mason University told ABC News.

Robert Greenwald's films � including Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price -- are helping to build a new progressive movement to take America back from the corporate hacks that dominate Washington today. HalliburtonWatch proudly endorses his efforts, especially his latest film Iraq for Sale, and looks forward to his continued success!

Purchase the DVD at this link.

-- Jim Donahue, HalliburtonWatch