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U.S. military stonewalls investigation of Halliburton overcharges
4 April 2005

WASHINGTON, April 4 (Associated Press) -- Kuwaiti lawmakers say the U.S. military and Halliburton aren't cooperating with their investigation of alleged overcharging for fuel deliveries to Iraq.

Parliamentarian Ali al-Rashed heads the five-member investigative committee. He says the lack of cooperation from the U.S. military and Houston-based Halliburton subsidiary KBR have harmed the investigation.

Legislators allege Kuwaiti oil supplier Altanmia Marketing Company made almost $760,000 in daily profits by providing KBR with 15-hundred tons of fuel a day. They say the state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which sold the fuel, made just $387,000 a day from the contract.

No comment yet from the U.S. military or KBR.

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