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Halliburton whistleblowers to testify before Congress on July 22
8 July 2004

WASHINGTON, July 8 (HalliburtonWatch.org) - Former employees of Halliburton are scheduled to testify before Congress on July 22 at a hearing of the House Committee on Government Reform. The former employees will testify about Halliburton's KBR subsidiary and its contracting abuses in Iraq, including charging the government $45 per case of soda and $100 for laundry bags. They committee will hear testimony on how KBR's employees billed the government for work even when they sat around and did nothing all day. These employees spent weeks in Iraq with virtually nothing to do, but were instructed by Halliburton to bill the government for 12 hours per day for seven days of work. Halliburton is paid a fee by the government of one to three percent of its costs for all purchases it makes. So, the company earns a higher fee if it illegally inflates its costs.

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